What is "Buyer/Tenant Representation"?

    Joel Galvin and the H. Pearce Company offer a full line of services to their clients. For the client who is looking to Purchase (Buyer) or Lease (Tenant) a commercial property, Joel will represent the Buyer/Tenant both in the search for a property and through the negotiations leading to a Purchase or Lease.

In representing the Buyer/Tenant, Joel will owe his fiduciary responsibility to the Buyer/Tenant and will always be acting in the Client’s best interest. He will offer impartial and professional advice. Private and personal information concerning the client will not be shared with the potential Seller/Landlord, where the giving of that information would be detrimental to the Buyer/Tenant. The process generally includes the following:

  •   Thorough understanding of Buyer/Tenant’s needs

  •   Comprehensively survey the market

  •   Preview listed properties

  •   Contact owners of unlisted property

  •   Review zoning requirements

  •   Arrange client tours

  •   Coordinate inspections (Engineering/Environmental)

  •   Analyze proposal responses

  •   Negotiate Price, Rate and Terms

  •   Prepare for closing/lease signing

Fees: All real estate commission fees are negotiable. As a Buyer/Tenant representative, we earn our fee only after the above results in the Client's obtaining real property or consummating a lease.  When a commission is offered to a Buyer/Broker (Joel), our client can then authorize us to collect our fee from the Seller/Landlord or its agent.

In the case where a property is not listed and we are able to procure the property, our client, the Buyer/Tenant will pay our negotiated fee. It is also possible the Seller/Landlord and Buyer/Tenant would share in the payment of the commission fee.


The Buyer/Tenant, working with a committed real estate professional, will locate the best property for the best price and terms, meeting timetable requirements with the least amount of inconvenience.